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To complete every assignment at your highest ability and by the specified.I am usually willing to come in earlier or stay later if you talk to me ahead of time.

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Assignment 2c consists of a detailed study based on an aspect of one world literature work studied in part 1, part 3 or part 4 of the syllabus.

Unlike world literature assignment I, this assignment must NOT be based on a study of two world literature works.This means if you are not happy with your grade on an assignment (not quizzes, tests.The world literature work chosen for this assignment must not be one previously used for assignment 1.

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The class will focus on class discussion, some lecture, group and individual presentations, style and literary analysis.Texas tech college application essay help on research papers quote Need help in writing an essay yahoo answers how to cite website mla in paper texas tech college.The choice of a key passage or key passages for analysis or of an extract for commentary should be guided by the following questions.I do believe in rewarding people for doing a good job or following.I ask that you wait until before or after school to discuss it with me.

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World Literature Assignment 1: comparative study (on at least two world literature works from part 1 ).World Literature Essay. English literature as an integral part of the world cultural heritage English literature is an integral part of the world cultural heritage.This assignment consists of an imaginative or creative piece of writing.

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This assignment must be preceded by a statement of intent that will be included in the total number of words.

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Experience suggests that most candidates write better assignments using two works, but some candidates are able to write very well on three.Please ask at the beginning or end of class and have your pass filled out before you approach me.

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This is the last time the website will ib world lit essay criteria be as english literature coursework twelfth night updated.

Understand the technique of poetry as it affects and enhances meaning.To engage in directed reading and studying of works other than class.This is the only world literature assignment that can be based on an aspect of two or more world literature works.

Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.If you are committed to the work as well as to listening and learning from each other, this class will ultimately become.The only time you may make up a test or a quiz is by appointment before or after school.A dramatic monologue by Vladimir, in which the candidate only repeats statements made in.Generate independent, thoughtful, and analytical discourse during class.To be open-minded as a thinking student in pursuit of advanced literary.

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It may be based on a study of one world literature work, or on a combination of a world literature work and a language Al work (Othello, Short Story Unit, Poetry Unit, Kafka) chosen from any part of the course.Experience suggests that the problem most candidates have with assignment 2b is related more to how to execute the tasks they set themselves than to the formulation of a viable assignment topic.Higher Level candidates must submit a World Literature 1 and a World Literature.

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Observe how literature from various countries is all connected, gaining.Test at end of each unit, unannounced quizzes throughout the year.

Develop accurate, perceptive reading through close study of major texts.The examples offered here therefore illustrate appropriate assignment topics and inappropriate approaches.Contributions to are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License.A note for parents: we will watch a few movies during class this year that enhance the themes and novels we are studying.