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IAS 21 paras 35, 54, change of functional currency, and change of presentation currency.Goodwill and intangible assets with indefinite useful lives are measured at cost.IAS 38 paras 94-96, intangibles assigned useful life longer than contractual period as expected to be renewable without significant cost.UK Listing Rule 9.8.4R (14), statement of compliance with relationship agreement with controlling shareholder.

IFRS 9, IFRS 7 paras 22A-24F, certain hedge accounting disclosures.The initial measurement of an intangible asset depends on whether it has been acquired.Principal risks, Brexit implications, customs duties, tariffs, employee mobility, tax, Consideration in viability statement.

IAS 33 paras 23, 12, mandatorily convertible notes included in basic EPS, profit adjustments for coupon on undated notes classed as equity.IAS 37, decommissioning provision disclosure, estimates and judgements.IAS 32, change in offsetting and cash pooling arrangements presentation following IFRIC agenda decision.IFRS 16, description of effect of future adoption with provisional quantified information.

IAS 7 additional information, reconciliation of current tax paid to income statement charge.IFRS 16, description of potential effects of future adoption, high level estimate of impact.IAS 41, IFRS 13 disclosures biological assets, forestry, pulp production.Economic indicators measuring trends in research and development are available from a number of sources,.IAS 1 paras 122, 125, 129, significant estimates and judgements, sensitivities.

IAS 12 paras 81(c), 81(g) tax reconciliation and deferred tax balances with detailed explanatory notes.Principal risks and uncertainties, Brexit implications, telecoms.IFRS 2, cash and equity settled share based payment disclosures.

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Audit committee consideration of fair, balanced and understandable statement.

APMs, description, purpose, uses, reconciliations and limitations.An intangible asset is an asset that lacks physical substance (unlike physical assets such as machinery and buildings) and usually is very hard to evaluate.UK Corporate governance, viability statement, including stress testing for Brexit and cyber attack.

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IAS 19 US multi-employer defined benefit plans treated as defined contribution because of insufficient information.

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IAS 19 revised, credit to income following change to index used for pensions and after employees have been informed.

Part B (19 Marks) Sahara Ltd recently adopted the international accounting standards. Under IFRS, development is.ESMA Guidelines for APMs, paras 35, 36, IFRS figures given equal prominence to APMs.IAS 40, certain disclosures, revenue, operating expenses, commitments, IAS 17 lease disclosures.

Disclosure of additional segment for international following interaction with FRC Conduct Committee.IFRS 2 paras 44-47, disclosures for equity settled share based payments.Policy for current and deferred tax, judgements and estimates in respect of uncertain tax positions.

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CIMA BA3 IAS 38: Goodwill, Research and Development CIMA BA3 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Exam Free lectures for the CIMA Certificate in Business.Audit committee, reference to forthcoming 2016 Code requirement on competence.