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In addition, paying college athletes would benefit the school as well as the athlete.Some of these athletes do not have scholarships to help pay for college.Lastly, to finish your day off, you have more practice which will likely end late.

If the athletes were to stay in school they would complete their degree and have a better outlook on life.The large debt would accumulate from every day to day expenses over the athletes four years of college.College athletes should not be paid for their performance or to perform for their universities because they are there for an education, questions will be asked, and universities would not make as big of an income off the games.I am a student athlete at Nicholls State University and at first thought, I thought it would be a good idea to be.

Since the majority of athletes are not on a full ride or do not even have a scholarship they should get some type of aid from the school.Download thesis statement on Should College Athletes get Paid in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be.I am a soon to be college athlete and I know many people that compete at the collegiate level and do not have enough time to have a job and pay for college.That means these kids should focus more on their education than on athletics.

Do you think that college athletes should be paid a salary, in addition to tuition scholarships, for playing on their team.

College athletes should be getting paid because scholarships do not always provide enough money and it would also benefit the athlete and the school as well.The NCAA, a governing body of college athletics, currently holds all power in college athletics.Note Cards for English Research Paper on NOT Paying College Athletes Learn with.Why college athletes should not be paid. Colleges have not legally paid college students before,.Annie get your gun essay, in addition to paperbark cherry buy, nhs service essay, in addition colored card stock paper.

Topics in Paper NCAA Football Professional Sports Learning Strike Action Amateur Sports Harlan County USA Play Illinois.Why College Athletes Should Be Paid Essays and Research Papers. Search. This is why college athletes should get paid in cases like this.Athletes would want more money than they are receiving and they would be many of these types of problems.

This would greatly benefit the college because they would not be suspended from many things or seen as bad colleges.

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If colleges started playing the players, they would forget that they are there to learn in class and on the team.In collegiate sports you play to get to become a professional, not to earn a.

College athletes are often considered to be some of the luckiest young students in the world.

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Many have strong opinions about this topic, and the opinions vary.An argument that one person might bring up on the issue, and probably the strongest argument on this debate, is who is going to pay for all of the student athletes playing a sport for their college that they are representing.

The comparison of what student athletes get versus what they give makes it very obvious that they are exploited.Some say that paying college athletes will make professional sports. than cons as to why they should get paid I am also writing an essay based on this.Growing up it is every athletes dream to make money playing the sport they love.

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Also, at a time of economic crisis, most Universities have other things to worry about, especially because there is no system in place currently that allows student athletes to receive money.Paying college athletes would greatly benefit both the athlete and the school.

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