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B. In the humorous praise of women, Iago pretends that he has difficulty imagining ways to praise the various women Desdemona mentions.The play that was created revolved around the tragic hero, Othello, whose tragic flaw transformed him from a nobleman, into a destructive creature, which would inevitably bring him to his downfall.Othello makes a plea for Desdemona and tells his story which wooed her to begin with.Othello is often blinded by trust and can not see a person for who they really are.Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this answer and thousands more.

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A surprising, zoo-like variety of animal injury occur throughout the play.Adding well-developed female characters to the play Othello creates a dimension of gender conflict and feminist views.

After hearing these lines, Shakespeare wants the audience and the groundlings to really start and love the.Othello is written by William Shakespeare and was set in Cyprus and Venice during the 16th century.This literary work has an extremely complicated plot and tragic ending that fully.J. Cassio gives Bianca the handkerchief for her to copy the design.

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Similarly, Othello also feels revenged when, by injuring Iago, he condemns him to lead a life of pain and misery.

If you are required to do research that does not begin and end with the text (Othello), then what you have to do is to read what some of the literary critics have to say and position your reading against theirs.Shakespeare has chosen to present the reader with only three female characters for specific reasons, as we are able to compare and contrast and see the differences in females in a male dominated society.Violence can be expressed physically, mentally, and verbally.Othello is a black man of a very high status and can be see as valuable and indispensible to the state, as he is needed to fight in the war.It becomes very difficult to find genuine and trustworthy friends.Hate is as natural as love in humans and Othello gets right to the root of that.The storm destroys the Turkish fleet off the coast of Cyprus.Although he did write many poems and plays with happy endings, his tragedies stand out the most.I. Iago urges Cassio to ask Desdemona for help to get reinstated with Othello.

One example of irony and deception is when Iago succeeds in manipulating the intoxicated Cassio into attacking Montano.Shakespeare used Desdemona to personify a Christ-like figure, a representation of good in the battle of good versus evil, and an independent warrior to prove that she is a round character in Othello.Does Michael Cassio deserve the governorship of the island of Cyprus.C. Othello discusses how his merits will speak for themselves.Desdemona was like a white orchid, strong and beautiful but yet sensitive and pure.JEALOUSY IN OTHELLO JENNIFER PUTNAM This paper was written for Dr.

More specifically, verbal irony uses words to suggest the opposite of what is meant.Although Roderigo has very few lines, he plays a crucial role on a thematic level.An interesting slant to writing this paper might be a psychoanalytic study of a particular character and the various motivations for their actions in the play.

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As this is the first research paper many of them have written, I provide them with three articles of cricitism (all can be found on enotes) that suggest different reasons for his behavior.Upon closer inspection of the jealously that exists throughout the play it becomes clear that his jealously is not the sole start and reason for all of the destruction that occurs.

Iago instructs Othello to eavesdrop on a conversation he has with Cassio about Bianca.This question plays an essential role throughout Othello because Emilia is first accused of cheating on her husband.

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Your instructor will either want you to summarize critical comments or will want you to position your argument against these other interpretations of the character (again, check).Iago knew that the process would take time, since Othello was the objective, and needed to corroborate information before taking any action.The tragic hero has a noble stature and a high position in his culture.You need to think too on how and why a character changes and develops during the course of this play.Research on a subject is seldom complete without periodical literature - magazines, journals, and newspapers.

It is important that you are accurate when you write about what others have said, and that you are clear in separating your ideas from others.Iago decided to tell Rodrigo that he still has a change with Desdemona but that he needs to get Cassio out of the picture.

Iago then turns and uses his own fears of inadequacy against Othello as the root of his revenge and to improve his own self-image.Life is like a road in which one encounters different people without realizing their real motives.William Shakespeare attempted to create an Aristotelian tragedy play with a tragic hero and succeeded in Othello, the Moor of Venice by weaving in pity and fear into each line and action.He neither respects moral beauty as seen in Desdemona, nor the grand nobleness of the mighty-souled Othello.Iago betrays his wife, Emilia, but not only her as he drags Othello, Desdemona, and Cassio into the mix of lies and the hatred he is spreading to improve his rank with Othello.In the play, the writer uses characters to display how one man can manipulate and affect those around him by gaining their trust to obtain information, and then later use it against them.A sentence or so is typically enough to remind your reader of the event(s) you are discussing.

One example is when the court interrogated Othello about his marriage to Desdemona, and all had been clarified.What motivation could one have that would posses them to act in ways to be labeled as such.Essentially, the thesis statement usually comes out looking something like this.Othello has been said to be of the most touching and intimate of Shakespeare tragedies.If you are required to to a research paper using outside sources, go to your college library (or the closest university library), find some critical readings of characters in Othello.

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Even today, over 400 years later, there are still issues of racism and sexism.Let us consider the Moor in detail, with professional critical input, in this essay.

Explain how Iago is manipulative, include specific examples and quotations.Even considering the racial nature of the marriage, his lack of a constant home, and the improper method of his courting, there is another reason why their marriage would never have worked.Iago uses his reputation as an honest man to deceive Othello and everyone else.The opening lines are significant in that they set the tone and initiate the plot.

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One person in the play was discriminated against the most and that would have to be Othello.As defined by Aristotle in his analysis of tragedy, an audience must experience a sense of catharsis to be affected by a tragedy, meaning it is key that sympathy is felt for the tragic hero or the tragedy will be ineffectual.The conversations that took place while they were waiting seemed to give insight into the feelings that most people had of Othello.