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Ruth is truly able to appreciate Luling at the end of her life, just as Amy Tan did.Concise diction refers to the use of straightforward language to develop clear, authentic writing.Tan causes her readers to value those around them, especially family, and to not take any relationship for granted.

Luling felt isolated from the American world, while Ruth was completely absorbed in it.

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Being Chinese and constantly on the move made Tan always feel like an outsider.Ruth really did not appreciate her mother when she was young, and her love for her did not grow.She worked around the clock to meet the demands from her many high-priced.These three instances explore the idea of rising above expectations, the idea that everyone has someone in their life who surprises them in one way or another, even if not realized immediately.Olivia finally has a serious falling out with her mother as she becomes closer to Kwan, and her mother makes no effort to reconnect.Kwan and Olivia are marked immediately by strong contrasts in character (11).

Amy Tan learned the importance of family, as well, while visiting her relations in China for the first time and discovering how connected they were through their relationship, despite her lack of knowledge of the Chinese language ( Opposite 157).It was a strategy for winning arguments, respect from others, and.Published by Luminarium through express written permission of the author.Featured Author: Amy Tan With News and Reviews From the Archives of The New York Times.

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This contrast depicts both a good relationship and bad relationship, and that relationships cannot be one-sided, but take continual care to grow.

She tries to help her mother, and finally helps her feel forgiveness for betraying Precious Auntie.Ruth could only remember one time in which she saw Luling actually caring for her, after she had fallen down as a small toddler (78).She was also left by her first husband, who was so terrible to her that she aborted her baby to save it from sharing in her fate (251).

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They can see the changes in the characters as well as themselves, and they even teach lessons.To me, imagination is the closest thing we have to compassion. Memories of a Writing Life.

Although she admits her culture was a large factor in her writing, Tan has stated that she would like her stories to be.Topics in Paper Overseas Chinese Chess Fiction China The Reader Chinese American Waverly Herself Gale Group.

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Along with common relationships that parallel her own life, Amy Tan also uses common literary themes that are universal in all of her works.Through her writing, she tries to answer questions that are worthwhile, and that take a lifetime to answer ( Opposite 297).Their differences in faith drove them apart, yet An-mei constantly tells Rose she and her husband, Ted will get back together, saying it is their fate to do so.

This is just as Jing-Mei felt, when Waverly tried to brag to her concerning money.

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The past does influence the present, as shown through the various Chinese mothers and their histories.

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Another two characters with a detailed relationship are Ying-Ying St.She was even spotted as a tourist while in China and cried over how America had changed her.Her life allows her to share her own experiences, especially concerning her youth.

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Jing-Mei was sure she had done it, yet refused to ask her about it.In The Hundred Secret Senses, Kwan experiences identity problems her entire life.

Amy Tan uses her personal experiences as a Chinese-American to convey loneliness, isolation, and other concepts that she feels create common human connections with all people.Daisy, at age nine, had watched her own mother kill herself, which had brought death close to her heart throughout her entire life ( Opposite 102).