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I left to run a couple of errands but the more I thought about it I thought I should at least tell the manager what I thought.Mr Bean - Bad Customer Service -- Schlechter Kundenservice - Duration: 2:48. Mr. Bean 10,039,584 views. 2:48. Customer Service (Comedy) - Duration: 1:14.They not only responded quickly to call an ambulance, but also took turns walking out to the dining area to check on him, bring him water, and attempted to keep him awake by asking questions that would later help the EMS workers.Customers have the ability to contact the customer service department is several ways, including phone, customer contact form and through social media such as the Facebook page or Twitter page.The BK King is beyond belief he is very scary and the food thrown on the table is not very clean.

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Im sure everyone that went thru before or after me feel the same total disgust for this restaurant.Commentary: Burger King navigates immediacy. emotional connection you create with your customer and the space that you. become a public relations.On Sunday September 6th I visited 7229 store at 2:43pm and was treated extremely rude by the staff in the drive thru.EVERYONE I talked to said that this Burger King is the worst.You are (in my opinion) selling sex to your younger audience and not the burger.Popular category Customer Survey 293 Store Survey 157 Restaurant Survey 137 Gift Card 93 online store survey 82 retail store survey 81.My Order number was 211 and the location was Burger King 5652 in Crowley La.

It is not only me some times I pull up behind a car who is still waiting to give them there order.

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A week later I returned for lunch again and during that experience watched her go out of the building, on a very hot day, and pick up trash located in the parking lot.This is a big deal, and I will not be discriminated by your company because at this point in time I am forced to eat these products.I have always enjoy going there on weekends to use it and to eat their food.still they tell me and other ppl there been asking if working how good of an place is it.

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What a rubbish I thought they have nice food the worth to buy from burger king nothing like macdonal.

This location has been sorry for a long time and is a joke to locals.The tables were nasty (everyone of them) we had to wipe off a table to sit at.

So I went back to get my items and was told my name was not in the book I had to talk to Brandon.I called over the assistant, who had served us, Megan, who at that stage apologised and said she would get the manager.The other customer got his food and left, then I proceeded to leave and they stopped me.I was at the Crawfordville, FL establishment late morning today (6-10-17) and noticed the Manager on the floor telling a customer that she was an idiot because of a disagreement they had in front of myself and everyone else.I want to do the Double Whopper and they say that I said the movie The Day Before I use it and today is a no.For just giving out my opinion the manager veronica started yelling and disrespecting me.There was no number visible but the coupon was valid until April 24th.

In my job I spend a lot of time on the road so I eat lunch at many different places.Perhaps you need to hire staff that know how to treat hard working paying customers instead of treating them like second class citizens.

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A few weeks ago, one evening (it was either a Wednesday or a Saturday).

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We sit there and then the employees comes on and says go ahead with your order.I knocked on the drive through window and was told that because I am not currently a car owner, I do not have the right to purchase any burger king product.

I know of your Stockholm branch where several employees are sent home, hard working folk.As a thank you for taking the time to complete the survey Burger King will reward you with a discount coupon for money off your next Burger King meal.While my customer service survey complaints yesterday afternoon went unanswered, after some bizarre behavior from the manager, I must say I failed to mention that when the self service drink machine ran out of orange Hi-C half way through the cup, with syrup dripping like it does at the end, the manager took it and filled it the rest of the way.There was two other customers either side of me in total believe too.

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Every Saturday when I pull up to the speaker the first thing I hear is Ill be with you in a second (every time) this second turns into a couple of minutes.I have called the bugerking and explained our food being cold.

Just stopped in at Burger King on Loughborough in St. Louis MO. 2 people in front of us were helped and then there was nobody else in front of us.The customer service department is open Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm EST.I told her it made no business sense to turn a customer away like that when there were no customers.

I stood at the counter and heard the door of a microwave pop open after the cook made the sandwiches.Select the state you visited, date and time of visit and click start to begin the survey.It is the best way to share with Burger King about your recent experience.Instead of giving me the coffee I paid for they called the police.When we entered cashier leaning across fry station talking to cook about whoever in jail.Why dont u alls either ge the damn thing fixs or takes it down for good.tvery frusturted still over 2 months it still not delt with so wat happening here.We wanted information on checking the balance on a gift card.I really wish I did not have to go to this one but I hope you will be able to correct this and bring it up to parr with the way other Burger Kings are Run.

I work at a school in Clinton Tennessee and we are having several different types of events coming up.So we go to the Drive thru, first thing she said was we close in 5 mins so do tou want to wait on the food after we put the order in, we responded back and said yes.I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on the commercials and advertisements.The shift manager, Olivia then started probing the food and chuntering away to the other member of staff, Megan.The Burger King in Falls Church, Virginia clearly advertised the barbecue sandwich for a dollar, or one could get the 2 for 5 deal (a whopper and a fish sandwich).We then get replacement food served by another kind customer and not a word of apology.

Customers can also sign up for BK Alerts, a program which send promotions to your mobile device.It was completely egregious and I will continue to send complaint emails, phone calls and letters until this is resolved.In my experience, people who use the word incompetent are usually lifeless, powerless people.