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Most teachers will require you to find at least three sources of information.Often, you will have to scan through quite a bit of film to find what you are looking for.So you have been assigned to write a research paper or you are just interested in learning more about a.

Primary sources are original, first-hand documents such as creative works, research studies, diaries and letters, or interviews you conduct.

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At IBM Research, we invent things that matter to the world. Can i use we in a research paper, Example of a research paper with apa style by Bulwark Exterminating.

Gathering Information for Essays which Require Research: Background.An on-line catalog has replaced card catalogs in many libraries as a means of listing and indexing what is in the library.

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Sometimes you will find great resources that you were unaware of just by looking on the shelf.

Many libraries have set their computers on a particular search engine, or a service that will conduct the research for you.Magazines are written for the general public, so they contain articles that do not present a subject in depth.

Government sites are identified by the extension.gov. URLs containing.org are trickier, and require research: these are sites sponsored by non-profit organizations, some of which are reliable sources and some of which are very biased.What is more, many students will continue to do research throughout their careers, which is one of the reasons this topic is so important.In addition, you can often find scholarly articles created to provide an overview of research in specific fields.If you go to the library, you will find that the old card catalog, which only lists books, has been replaced by a computer in most libraries.This means that with a bit or work, you can find hard copies of these sources outside on the internet.WARNING ABOUT INTERNET AND WORLD WIDE WEB RESEARCH: There are a lot of resources on the internet that are not going to be valuable to you.

Ask your reference librarian to see exactly what is available.There are few individuals for whom this process comes naturally.The Internet allows access to so much information that you can easily be overwhelmed.Find out how to find more sources for your research paper when the.If you find one good source, the bibliography at the end of it will point to research that its author used.

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Check the library catalog for books or good background sources on a topic.Encyclopedias provide background information about a subject.

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Microfiche or microfilm comes in two forms--small cards of information (fiche), or long film-type strips of information (film).

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