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He said he would order the part, come back and make repairs, and would have to note if a vent is not installed further service could be denied.Home Depot has a policy of not allowing the slide-lock to be installed.I store firewood in the garage for the winter and I need to keep the space empty for the installation.I did notice signs on the doors that said stay clear swinging doors.The contractor came, measured and stressed to the order person that these measurements must be ordered.

Poor process in place and their 3rd party shippers are not handling the product correctly.Suddenly my years of military service no longer matters to them.

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Again i called at 7 pm and i was told one more delivery then my turn.I asked for help 3 times to load it on a dolly from a shelf but no one came.I was in San Marcos, CA. and it was hot and the first place I saw with shade was in back of the Home Depot store.If Maytag is not going to stand behind their products then they are only going to give Home Depot a bad name for selling them.When I emailed their so-called customer service, they refused to help me.The customer service rep was helpful and could not understand why my.

They must see a different list than you and I, or the people the put in the stores.Everyone hates your ex-CEO and his record-threatening golden parachute.We are in troubled times and it does not seem like it will get economically better any time soon.We have had the refrig about 7 months before it started to have problems.I asked the woman in millworker if there was anyone else working when she finally showed up at the desk when she went off on a rant about how busy she was.Everyone of you customers that come in home depot to belittle the employees or to even complain about the smallest things or to even act as if you knew how it is to be in our shoes.

I am so upset about how the paint chipped when it be solid wood.They just look at the website, which always claims it will be delivered the next day.Home Depot customer service ranks based upon user. compare Home Depot customer support to.I have made my last trip to Home Depot after many years of being a loyal customer.Thousands of Businesses of all sizes and millions of customers use MeasuredUp.

During one long wait shortly before Christmas, I commented to a worker that the store was so busy they must be getting lots of overtime.I paid for the extra warranty and have been dealing with this problem since my Sears washing machine broke in April.

He happily interrupted what he was doing and took me straight to the 3 different places for my supplies - 1 inside the store and the other 2 outside.

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Employee dissatisfaction with their employers may also be playing a role with poor customer service. retailers with the worst customer service. a Home.If you buy an appliance with installation, please think twice.I tried to speak with a manager named Dan on the phone who while sympathetic was trying to put blame on me for not asking how long it would take for the money to come into my account.

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But today, it is difficult to find a staff person at a Home Depot.

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Van was the gentleman who helped me find all 3 items that I needed.But, its a lot of money to me, and I have options to spend that somewhere else.Some of you come in disrespecting us, and demanding good customer service after the fact.Your local appliance store may cost a couple of dollars more upfront, but will save you in the end.I did notice ther was yellow post on each side of every door opening.Drdpharris. or lumber that you just picked up at Home Depot,.After waiting 15 min in the carpet dep for help I went to the customer service desk to ask for help.

I found a contractor that will install the door for 100 less than HD.Over the next several weeks, we spent many hours speaking with customer service representatives from the warranty company, but were getting.I had a great deal of lumber to check out on Saturday, April 29, 2017.I would not purchase product from them that needs to be delivered.She is very pleasant and helpful and always put on a great big smile when helping customers.

Due to your credit problem I now have to fight to get my money back. because used my debit card and now someone got my info and charged a lot of things so now I have to try to get my money back.I well never step foot in home depot again.I ordered a garage opener from HD and the guy they sent out was fantastic.When i called again around 8:30 i was told the delivery guys are done for the day and then i spoke to Supervisor he promised me to look into it and will compensate for inconvenience and will.Last week, I shared a real world story with you about a friend of mine leaving a Home Depot dissatisfied and vowing never to return.It seems that the only time I have an okay experience at Home Depot is when I do not need assistance.I do not know why this was changed but Lowes will continue to reap the benefits of this questionable change.A month later, December 27th, I received a call from the delivery service that the appliance was going to be delivered the next day (December 28th).

He told me that it was due to the water pressure in the lines and I needed to test the lines.Ryanne was extremely calm, kind, patient, and knew her information.Three days ago I brought my (1 of 4) identical Fabricated Project Parts to the La Habra, Ca H.D. that I needed a part for.This brightened my day, the fact that someone would care enough togoout of their way to make my life a little bit easier.